About RUA Rubin, the blogpost

Eventually, I need to add an About page. I will probably crib from this post some, in a condensed format.

I’ve never been good at telling people about myself. I was raised in Oklahoma. I was raised Jewish, but am not particularly religious anymore. Growing up, after having gone through the various dreams a child has of being an astronaut, or a super scientist, or a fireman, I settled on a career path at about age twelve. I wanted to be an engineer, a novelist, and a stand-up comedian.

Even then, I knew the easiest one was being an engineer, and I was lucky enough to have the kind of support growing up that made going to college to get an electrical engineering degree was possible. (I chose electrical engineering to try to learn how our world’s magic works, with mixed success. But a post on that later.)

Becoming a novelist is what I am working on now. Doing this is definitely the hardest part of my twelve-year old’s career path. I knew this even when I was twelve, clambering further up my father’s old shelves full of used books, reading material far too old for me, but devouring the content regardless. I love to see a world unfold for myself, and it will always be my dream to unfold worlds for others to read and enjoy.

Other things about me: My favorite colors are green and purple. I drink coffee with cream but no sugar. My favorite authors are Ann Leckie, A Lee. Martinez, and Robin McKinley. I love science fiction and fantasy in equal measure, though my writing lends me towards science fiction. I am 28 years old as of March 2018 and married to the most wonderful spouse in the world.

What else do people share in their about pages?

I haven’t written anything published yet, but I will. Yes, I have released works under an online screen name, but no, I am not going share that here, just as a matter of trying to keep those inkwells separate. I never was part of the group of people to obsessively share about myself, so blogging will be hard, but I intend to keep it up. (but no promises).

I think that’s all for now.

Have a good day and sincerely yours,

RUA Rubin


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